Get More. Go Farther. 

For over 50 years, Warn Automotive has worked with leading OEM partners to custom engineer disconnect solutions to enhance vehicle efficiency, performance and safety. 

Custom Engineered Solutions

From our inception, we’ve been a company focused on increasing the capability of vehicles, both on road and off. While we’re known for the rugged four-wheel-drive systems we create, these same systems also improve fuel economy and extend the range of vehicles in everyday driving. And it’s out of this efficiency that Warn Automotive was born.

We’re proud of the heritage and reputation we’ve earned through nearly 70 years of creating products that take vehicles further and bring them back again. But we’re even more excited about the future. About using our expertise to maximize the mobility and efficiency of vehicles of today and tomorrow. And about helping our customers achieve that goal..

We're the disconnect experts because that's what we do!

Warn Automotive invented the disconnect and that's all we've ever done since, and why we're the best at it. No other company has more experience or knows the category better than we do!

Our wheel and axle disconnecting technology is designed to improve overall vehicle efficiency for both ICE and BEV. Warn Automotive works closely with partners to develop technology that has the ability to configure to their specific requirements and evolve the design and engineering of application to their system.

We produce over 4 million disconnect products every year

Warn Automotive offers the largest portfolio available which is ready to be packaged and implemented across a range of vehicles and powertrains. From Commercial Heavy duty truck platforms to Cars and SUVs right through to the latest EV/BEV/PHEV platforms, Warn Automotive disconnects feature in some of the best-known automotive brands in the world.

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Warn Automotive offers the ultimate solution


Fast. Efficient. Durable.

  • Shifts in less than 50 milliseconds -
  • 5% reduction in energy consumption
  • Tested and proven with at least 250,000 durability cycles
  • Can meet customer's desired state Monostable or bistable
  • Technology performs for both ICE or BEV platforms

Our solutions are on some of today's best-selling vehicles


Integrated Wheel end Systems

Give your customers convenient four-wheel drive capabilities, better gas and diesel efficiency, and longer electric battery runs with integrated wheel ends. Warn Automotive integrated wheel ends are mounted behind the steering knuckle for optimal efficiency. Proven, off-the-shelf, pre-engineered solutions are ready for quick adaptation into your drive line.

Front Axle Disconnect Systems

For customers that demand top performance in an active all-wheel drive system, Warn Automotive front axle disconnects are the smart choice. Micro-second automatic shifting and high durability cycles allow you to offer a vehicle that engages and disengages four-wheel drive fast and frequently.


Manual and Automatic Hub locks

Perfect for commercial, heavy-duty vehicles that need four-wheel drive capabilities, the Warn Automotive automatic hub lock provides the ease of use your customers expect at a reasonable price point. It uses vacuum actuation to engage and disengage at the touch of a button. A manual locking override provides peace of mind in case of system failure.

Our commitment to quality is second to none.

Warn Automotive is committed to delivering world-class quality to our customers. We continue to use our experience to collaborate and build trust with our partners. Our innovative and technologically advanced solutions for OE manufacturers positions their vehicles' capabilities above the rest. When you need to get to what's next Warn Automotive can take you there!

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Focused on Building the World's Best

Using a combination of modern technology, traditional craftsmanship, and teamwork, we manufacture millions of vehicle components every year with zero defects. It's a reflection of our commitment to delivering quality products on time, every time, and it's a commitment that never wavers.

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Quality and Environmental Policy

Every Warn Automotive, LLC employee and supplier are accountable to meet or exceed applicable quality and environmental expectations of all customers.

Warn Automotive quality system certified to automotive standards​: