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Our Patents

Warn Automotive products are protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere. This list is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act, 35 U.S.C. 287(a). The following list of Warn Automotive products may not be all-inclusive, and other Warn Automotive products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents. The information included in this listing does not prevent Warn Automotive from pursuing any and all legal rights we may have for the purpose of protecting our intellectual property rights.

List Of Patents

CN112020449 A

EP3755566 A1

EP3755566 A4

KR20200118210 A

US11105406 BB

US2019257400 AA

CN108698511 A

CN108698511 B

DE112017000006 T5

KR20180102047 A

US10144284 BB

US2017225564 AA

US11097590 BB

US2019241039 AA

CN111255820 A

DE102019131387 A1

KR20200066191 A

US10955013 BB

US2020173500 AA

US2021048076 AA

US2021115985 AA

US10844913 BB

US2018372171 AA

CN104999910 A

CN104999910 B

DE102015206748 A1

KR101699734 B1

KR20150119805 A

KR20150119805 A9

US2015300418 AA

US9656548 BB

US10228026 BB

US2017234369 AA

US10801553 BB

US2019145468 AA

US10724580 BB

US2020018360 AA

CN105034796 A

CN105034796 B

DE102015207435 A1

DE102016216635 A1

KR101697124 B1

KR20150122604 A

KR20150122604 A9

KR20170028246 A

US2015308519 AA

US9915298 BB

US2015380144 AA

US9812238 BB

US10221900 BB

US2017356504 AA

US10731715 BB

US2017335900 AA

US10535458 BB

US2017352463 AA

US2013334868 AA

US9169885 BB

CN104029562 A

CN104029562 B

KR101604181 B1

KR20140110742 A

US2014251747 AA

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US2016069397 AA

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US2015034445 AA

US9205738 BB

IN00941DE2008 A

JP2008304062 A2

JP5529396 B2

KR101147668 B1

KR20060128628 A

US2006278490 AA

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US2007227850 AA

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KR101191291 B1

KR20060067871 A

US2006124427 AA

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KR100888085 B1

KR20030045595 A

US2003094344 AA

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DE19961096 A1

DE19961096 B4

US6082514 A

KR100862952 B1

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KR20060049157 A

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US6371268 BA

US2005133290 AA

US7000750 BB

US6009609 A